Why Choose World's Finest® Chocolate?

Earn up-to 50% profit on your chocolate sale!

Get additional FREE boxes based on your total boxes ordered!

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Qualifying orders that sell all of their chocolate receive a bonus check.

Receive up-to $1,800.00 in free chocolate! Call today for details.

All school organizations are automatically pre-approved for credit terms. Private organizations and individuals may apply for credit terms.

Our chocolate is so good and well-known, it practically sells itself. Which makes it even more special.

Fundraising experts in your area are dedicated to help you plan the perfect fundraiser at no additional costs.

Every bar provides free access to coupon website with thousands of discounts in your area.

Variety - blue green cont almonds

General Questions

The minimum order is 8 cases of chocolate at $36 / case, for a total of $288 + tax (unless tax exempt). A case is a carrier containing $60 worth of chocolate to sell, like the ones pictured at right containing either sixty $1 bars or thirty $2 bars.

Paying $36 for a $60 case leaves $24 in profit after you've sold all the chocolate and collected $60. Volume breaks of $1 to $6 per case apply at various order volume levels from 50 to 1000 cases depending on case type and season - potentially yielding profits of $30 per case for 1,000+ case sales - but until we can provide an individualized quote you can estimate your potential profits at $24 per case sold.

Our Kansas City, MO warehouse is able to fill most orders in 2 to 3 business days, but plan for the unexpected and order your chocolate a little bit earlier than you need to make sure you have chocolate in-hand on your intended distribution day. Your chocolate can be delivered direct to your location for a $120 flat freight fee (regardless of order volume), or we can arrange for you to pick it up in person (by appointment only) at our Terrell warehouse to avoid the freight cost.

Public school and Catholic schools receive automatic net 30 day terms and pay nothing until their invoice due date, 30 days after their delivery. Other customers may pre-pay with a credit card or apply online for 30 day net terms.

  • "Who can participate?"

    Anyone! Most of our customers are public schools, but we're also privileged to help many others, including local athletic groups, scouting organizations, churches, individual, families and office groups.

  • "How does it work?"

    World's Finest Chocolate provides high-quality, delicious chocolate to sell in your community for $1, $2, or $3 each - no complicated brochures, overpriced products, or frustrating delays waiting for the fundraising company to send you your profits.You can prepay for the chocolate and then keep all the proceeds, or apply for credit with us and pay 30 days after you receive your chocolate.

  • "How do I start?"

    The first thing we need to do is chat about your needs and goals so we can plan the next steps. To that end, please use this form to reach out. I'll be in touch that day. If you would like to go ahead and meet in person or over a video chat, I'd love that!


We provide you with our Office Phone: ‪(682) 302-4999‬, Jon's cell phone number and our email address. We will get back to you ASAP. We pride ourselves on being available throughout your fundraising drive.

WFC recognizes that food allergies are a serious concern - especially among children. It is important that we offer a large variety of product options that are free of the most common allergens.

We monitor all product ingredients and adhere to strict product labeling standards. WFC stands by 100% accuracy in our product labeling. Each product is identified and listed in compliance with the current food labeling requirements. We sample and test ingredients from our suppliers on a regular basis to ensure reliability and consistency.

Absolutely! Visit the World's Finest Chocolate Food Allergies page for more information. Please note that all WFC chocolate products (including Dark Chocolate) are labeled as "contains milk", so there are no milk-free products made at the WFC facility. All fundraising bar flavors contain or may contain tree nuts, except for the Caramel bar which is made strictly on WFC's Tree Nut-Free production line. All WFC chocolate products contain soy (Lecithin).